Succulents are plants that have been around for a very long time. When you see them at stores, you instantly think about indoor home décor and low maintenance plants. There are many variations of this plant as well and they can be designed into many neat arrangements.

Succulent comes from the word “sucus,” which means juice or sap. This meaning of the word relates to the fact that water is contained in the leaves of this plant which help them survive for weeks at a time. This is why succulents are said to be low maintenance, because watering them twice a month is usually sufficient. Succulents also have a unique feature to them. Sometimes a succulent will drop leaves or they accidentally break off. Those broken pieces, when set aside in the bottom of the pot or in a window seal, they’ll start to sprout little roots at which point you can gently lay them on top of some soil, give them a little water and watch them grow into new plants! It’s like magic.

So why talk about succulents now? Well, as the year comes to an end we have to think about applying this wonderful plant’s way of life to our own. Even when succulents break off, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of life for them. More so it means it’s giving room for a new plant to grow when nurtured appropriately. Succulents require lots of sunshine but little water and live long periods of time. They give us the joy of long lasting life spans and the beauty of watching them grow into new plants. Enter the New Year giving your self the joy of watching your life evolve into something new as well. Don’t let this year’s mishaps shape your future. Let those broken pieces flourish into motivation, preserve the lessons learned and shine light to new experiences so that life can keep on giving you happiness.