Valentine’s Day in 2018 falls on a Wednesday (weekday) and the rose growers are preparing for their major sales periods of the year; as many in the U.S. floral industry believe, celebrating Valentine’s Day on a weekday is good for sales. We are very optimistic about this year, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important floral holidays of the year and We will make our official launch this season, bringing to the area of the Capital, Washington D.C. a unique and luxurious concept.

Americans are expected to spend nearly $20 billion this year on their sweethearts, more than $2.5 billion on flowers alone. But the journey to get the flowers to America starts more than 2,000 miles away in Colombia, the country that exports the most flowers to the U.S

We pride our self in being pioneers in the industry by being the first flower gallery in the area. Unlike conventional flower shops, we are a luxurious flower gallery where each arrangement is thoughtfully crafted to its highest quality just like an artwork master piece.

We would love to show everyone the new concept, our new luxury boxes and this year there are better ways to surprise on this important date for lovers. The roses have come a long way, but the most important leg of their journey is the last one, when the flowers are brought home for the big Valentine’s Day surprise.

Atypical Weather
The weather, however seems to be a little atypical for this time of the year.

“Normally in Colombia we have a lot of sun and this year has been a little cold and cloudy. But we are now counting the days for our Valentine’s day harvest and we are on schedule.”