Brazilian Truffles the perfect companion of the luxury flowers

Brigadeiro is an iconic traditional Brazilian dessert. It’s a scrumptious bite-size handmade sweet. While the most traditional version is chocolate, it also comes in a variety of flavors.

But why is it so different, you may ask? It is indeed like nothing you have ever tasted.

The traditional ingredients are condensed milk, butter and chocolate, which are cooked to perfection to achieve a velvety texture. But we, like most Brazilians, are very creative and we want to bring to you a gourmet version of delightful Brigadeiros.

We add a touch of sophistication by using the finest ingredients with a variety of flavors from chocolate, hazelnuts, Nutella, pistachio, cashews, white chocolate, to carnival strawberry. We always serve it fresh with an elegant presentation in a beautiful box. For more information, follow us in Instagram @brazilian_brigadiers