Welcome to our Flower Shop

Gallery Blossoms is not a flower shop focused on high order numbers and 1800 client relationships. We pride our self in being pioneers in the industry by being the first flower gallery in the area.

Unlike conventional flower shops, we are a luxurious flower gallery where each arrangement is thoughtfully crafted to its highest quality just like an artwork master piece. Per its name, Gallery Blossoms is a place where beautiful, unique and creative artwork is created through our flower expertise.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers high quality flower arrangements through our alternative flower shop style. Our team recognizes the exclusive needs and desires of its customers in the variety of designer flower arrangements available in our showroom.

Our Team

Our founders bring the perfect combination of expertise to make Gallery Blossoms one of a kind. Juan David and Erika were both born and raised in one of the leading flower exporting countries of the world; Colombia. Both grew up seeing the diversity of the countries flowers and the happiness each petal brought to the lives of those who are dear to them. Fascinated by the flower fairs in their home country the two found themselves compelled by the beauty and the creativity of the countries flower farmers and motivated to share it with the world.

Inspired by the rich land of Colombia, Juan David became an Agricultural Engineer and an expert in flower quality and exportation. Throughout his career Juan David, has worked in different areas of the industry allowing him to have a full understanding of the flower process and quality needed to create a lasting and beautiful arrangement. From the flower plantation, to the commercialization, to the exportation and flower shop creation, Juan hands-on experienced it all.

Erika an artist at heart, an incredible and creative mind passionate by crafts and design. Erika brings to Gallery Blossoms the inspiration and innovative designs that make our arrangements one of a kind. With over 10 years in the hospitality industry, Erika understands the importance of providing high quality services to our customers and the impact a unique experience can have on every single costumer. Erika’s inspiration is knowing that a remarkable masterpiece can truly transform a person’s day.

The distinct backgrounds of the two are the perfect formula for Gallery Blossoms. A flower gallery where costumers needs come first, the products are the best of quality and the designs are thoughtfully crafted to bring extraordinary products to you.